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Solving the problems of entrepreneurs with a desire change the world through business. 

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"Our clients are existing serial entrepreneurs or developing serial entrepreneurs, that understand the economic power behind earning profits and philanthropy."  

Jazzmine Nolan MPA

Our Client Demographics

Are You a Marie Management Entrepreneur?


90% of our entrepreneurs have come from Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX, New York, NY, St. Louis, MO, Western Africa and Toronto, Canada. The remaining 10% have come from Chicago, IL and Denver, CO. 


Our entrepreneurs are real estate investors & developers, project managers, scholars & educators, healthcare professionals, public policy innovators, legal & justice advocates and private practice owners in several different industries. We have recently seen an increase in arts and agriculture entrepreneurs interested in our philosophy as well.  

Our Entrepreneurs Problems

#1 Reasons Entrepreneurs Call Marie Management: Time. Knowledge. Best Practices.

I know what I want, but I don't have time!

Existing serial entrepreneurs that want to add a nonprofit to their business structure or do the opposite, add a for-profit to their business structure, typically do not have time to implement an entirely new business. However, they insist that it be done and completed NOW. These Full Service Consulting Clients value Marie Managements ability to implement businesses independently with little oversight or continued management. They value our process that incorporates consulting on more than one business, project, venture or idea at one time. Learn More

I know what I want, but I don't know how!

Entrepreneurs just developing additional revenue streams to their current employment, transitioning from full-time employment to full-time entrepreneurship, streamlining and automating a business that has done well for 6 months-1 year or, entrepreneurs that want to add a full nonprofit or for-profit to their business model are considered Marie Management Startups. These clients are typically seeking fool proof methods to implementing their business idea or adopted model. Startups seek Marie Management for our consistency, attention to detail and thorough methods to meeting their individualized needs. Learn More!

When Our Entrepreneurs Call Us

Rather it is to implement or to develop strategies that prevent crisis, we serve entrepreneurs where they are. 

Before Implementation of a New Business or Venture

Our clients call us right before the implementation of a new business, venture or idea to make sure it is done right the first time in the areas of structure, development, operations and execution. Entrepreneurs do not have time to go back and correct things, lose money or traction in company growth because we failed to hire expert help. Our entrepreneurs invest in expert help to keep from business heart ache later. Learn More!

Right Before a Business Disaster

Our entrepreneurs also contact us when they have a problem that is out of their scope or expertise. We analyze and problem solve the issue for our entrepreneurs in this instance; provide solutions, recommend resources and work around the clock to end the problem before it is too late. We ease the mind of these entrepreneurs with our presence 1st and our expertise 2nd. Our entrepreneurs know that our strategy always includes research, structure, development, operations and execution. Therefore, seeing things through to completion is what they are looking for when their business is experiencing a crisis. Learn More!   

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When Our Entrepreneurs Can Reach Us

Monday-Thursday, 10am-7pm CST unless it's a weekend and flights, food, leisure and ocean views are included.  

Jazzmine Nolan MPA - Marie Management LLC

Entrepreneurs You May Know 

That Live By The Marie Management Philosophy

All of these entrepreneurs have one thing in common!, they did not rest of their wealth, they reinvested it in a cause they were passionate about. However, none of them just became major donors of other organizations, THEY CREATED THEIR OWN! They got in front of an issue, became advocates for a vulnerable population and took charge in addressing the issue. Instead of passing the blame, they upped the buck. And that is the Marie Management way of doing business. 

Charles Phillips founded a nonprofit that financial aid to single parents and students interested in engineering. Sara Blakely founded a nonprofit that provides education and entrepreneurship skills to women. Carlos Santana founded a nonprofit that provides education services to youth with insufficient access to health and literacy opportunities. Lastly, Taraji P. Henson  founded a nonprofit that fights mental health issues in the black community. 

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