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Solving the problems of entrepreneurs with a desire change the world through business. 

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Project Management 

We found that our clients were running around to hundreds of contractors, businesses and suppliers for supplemental outsourced functions needed after receiving consulting from us. Therefore, we surveyed 1,050 for-profit, nonprofit, hybrid model and social enterprise entrepreneurs, trained the best on our client needs and now we offer the highest ranking business services needed. Outsourcing these services can save entrepreneurs hundreds upon thousands of dollars annually. For Example: An onsite administrative assistant can cost an entrepreneur $30,000-$35,000 minimum annually. When outsourced, this service can save us more than $27,000 annually. The best part about all of the services below is that we manage them for you. 

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Full Service Business Consulting Packages

Sales Team

Are you selling programs, products and or services on line or in person and need supports with organizing your continued and consistent sales strategies and systems? Want to come out of the weeds of finalizing sales with your audience or customers but want to ensure that your buyers are provided with exceptional customer service? Let's get you a sales team that works 

for your business. 

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Virtual Assisting

Want nothing to do with the front office duties of your business so you can tend to the high level needs of you company? Constantly finding yourself unorganized, missing deadlines and unable to respond to tedious requests of your audience and or customers? Let's get you a virtual assisting team that works for your business. Click the learn more button to determine the

 services you need.  

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Human Resources Management

Rather its training, development or maintaining the legal ramifications associated to onboarding, retaining or terminating staff, it can be a headache. Especially if that is not your area of expertise. As entrepreneurs, we just want the job done, without the migraine of employee rules and regulations. Let's build your Human Resources Management team today! 

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Digital Marketing 

Digital Marketing is the single most affordable and leading way to expose national and international consumers to your business programs, products and services. In today's market, a company without digital marketing built into their overall marketing strategy, is a company missing millions of potential buyers. Let's get you in front of your audience through digital marketing services today! 

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There are millions of entrepreneurs that do not have bookkeeping and or accounting services in place for their companies. Without such practices, companies do not meet annual tax compliance requirements, can not provide required financial reports when requested and can not properly communicate their financial standing when asked. Let's get you serious about business and organize your booking and accounting today!  

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Entrepreneur Shield

Are you one of the millions of entrepreneurs living without personal life, health, dental and vision insurance? Are you without business insurance, business credit and business investment accountants? Haven't identified legal representation for yourself or your company? Are you still under the impression that entrepreneurs can not establish security without being an employee?  Let's get you growing today!

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Venture Management

Are you looking to add a new business offering, department or entity to your existing business structure? Want it done right the first time without gaps in development, resources and structure? Want a plan and management that ensures the implementation of the new venture goes off without a hitch? Let's arrange your Venture Management plan today

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Nonprofit Management

Are you operating a nonprofit organization without management that ensures high level execution of your current strategic plan? Currently operating a nonprofit without checks and balances, oversight or an executive team qualified to execute in the best interest of the organization? Let's arrange your Nonprofit Management plan today. 

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Brand Management

Are you re-branding yourself or your business? Are you establishing a brand with no idea how to separate yourself from the rest without conforming to trends that don't match your purpose or the intent of your business? Are you wanting to ensure that your brand and the brand of your company make an impact and a check?  Let's arrange your Brand Management plan today! 

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