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Technology Business Case Study

Marie Management has helped 6 technology focused entrepreneurs with their for-profit companies with operational systems and strategies that resulted in 30% of the companies new earnings from scaling to philanthropic arms of their own through building a corporate responsibility program, nonprofit, NGO or trust with us.

Technology Business Problems

Problem #1 Customer Relations: Technology entrepreneurs and businesses have transitioned to online only customer service which has affected how it meets customer services standards. Therefore customer management standard operating procedures, customer management systems and customer solutions processes will require immediate and consistent solutions.  

Problem #2 Duplicable & Best Practices: Technology entrepreneurs and business owners lose revenue and income in the areas of duplication related to services, processes and products which directly affect the outcomes and results measured by best practices. Becoming niche specific and solving a series of certain problems, technology businesses would be able to streamline its offering in order to meet the standards of best practices more often.

Problem #3 Operating Systems: Technology entrepreneurs and business owners are experts at their skillset and often wish not to be involved in the other crucial aspects of business systems that directly impact their companies income long term: human resources, marketing, advertising, sales, management, information technology, customer relations and operations. Therefore these systems become partially built out only within a crisis and result in the firm being noncompetitive in its industry among others.

  • Fintechs streamlined methods to onboard, manage and retain contractors, employees and customers.  
  • Infrastructure Development companies streamlined processes to repeat services on autopilot with automations for daily activities.  
  • IoT companies decreased the time per project and solution provided to customers with attention to project management instead of skill based tasks. 
  • Cybersecurity companies increased efficiency among both B2C and B2B customers by eliminating client communication confusion and implementing immediate solution systems.

Identify the Ways Marie Management Can Solve Your Problems As a Technology Business Entrepreneur

After an initial assessment, audit, strategic plan development and consulting all inefficient processes, existing technology systems and operating management systems required solutions in the following areas:

  • Transformation Demands: Accelerate demand in the follow-on and follow-up needs of customers given the total technology based systems of companies has increased the workload of technology businesses significantly. Therefore managing the demand, workflow, services, needs and delivery is important for long term success of technology businesses.  
  • Customer Experience: Integrating customer experience into the deliverables of technology companies will eliminate the hands off approach in the realm of communication. In order to increase the customer experience technology businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals have to get closer to the customer through its communication practices and systems.
  • Data Privacy Threats & Opportunities: Increasing international attacks on American digital platforms requires perfected security fundamentals, cyber hygiene best practices and layered defenses. Therefore, transitioning from measuring outputs and outcomes to impact based systems as opportunities for the business, its employees and companies instead.  
  • Impacts on Tech Stacks: Government rules and regulations, nationally and internationally directly impacts the technology industry. Which directly affects how the customers receive their products and services, therefore a streamlined method to update the business based on these changes are critical.
  • Supply Chain Distributions: Relying on supply chain which is typically outside of the control of tech businesses is a hindrance in the short and long term. Timing to receive tangible and intangible items and products put the delivery of services to customers on a snail mail process.  
  • Cost Containment: Eliminating costs by using technology within a tech business causes fluctuating operating procedures, processes and expenses. With the increasing cost of software to run tech businesses, this may not always result in decreased costs or expenses.  
  • Competition: The opportunities and skill sets for tech professionals and entrepreneurs increase daily as the industry transforms and expands based on consumer needs, problems and business developments. Although the pool of people that can actually develop a business around the solution are small, the ability to consistently deliver a solution for consumers from the business perspective long term without being gobbled up by the giants in a sell is massive.
Technology Industry Businesses scale to invest their profits in programs that provide services to vulnerable populations.

With these implemented solutions our Technology Industry companies become equipped to scale in order to implement their philanthropic arms with the following new operations and management processes in the following places:

  • Human Resources Systems
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Management Protocols
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Project Management  
  • Customer Relations Management Systems
  • POS Systems
  • Financial Management System
  • Marketing & Advertising System
  • Communication System
  • Referral Management

Upon completion of streamlining and scaling the for-profit, Marie Management consultants began to build the philanthropic arm of the entrepreneurs choice (nonprofit, non-governmental organization, philanthropic arm, corporate responsibility program, private foundation, association or trust) with the following steps:

Step 1: Organizational Structure Development  

Step 2: Board & Business Network Development

Step 3: Committee Development

Step 4: Program Development

Step 5: Strategic Planning & Logic Model Development

Step 6: Fund Development

Step 7: Outreach Strategy & Development

Step 8: Department Development

Step 9: Operational Systems

Step 10: Marketing, Advertising & Sales Systems

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