About Us

Marie Management began consulting and managing entrepreneur hybrid models in 2016 with 3 real estate investor companies.

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We strengthen, streamline and scale our clients’ business models in ways they may be overlooking.

After scaling the businesses of real estate investors to include philanthropic arms, corporate responsibility, charities, NGOs and nonprofits to serve vulnerable populations, we knew it could be done across all industries and sectors.

  • In 2016 we began with real estate investors and their hybrid business models as the foundation for future enterprise operating entrepreneurs
  • In 2017 we researched, designed, developed and launched the hybrid model medium sized company consulting and management services
  • In 2018 we researched, designed, developed and launched the hybrid model small business consulting and management services
  • In 2020 we researched, designed, developed and launched the hybrid model startup consulting and management services

Our associates include project managers, analysts and consultants that service clients and their companies 100% remote successfully since 2016.


Our clients’ companies are headquartered and operated in multi-unit and satellite locations regionally, nationally and internationally.


Our clients streamline and build both their for-profit and nonprofit ventures with us which result in multiplying the amount of businesses they own.

Our Values

We believe that by investing in our communities we are directly impacting the bottom line of the next generation’s business ecosystem.

By strengthening the for-profit operations of our clients first, we make room for them to explore philanthropy successfully.

  • Economic Equality
    Developing and expanding businesses that impact industries plus the communities they impact nationally and internationally.
  • Investment
    Requiring our clients to contribute to the communities they profit from by scaling in place and through building their own corporate responsibility programs. ​
  • Philanthropy
    Our for-profit companies develop nonprofit's, foundations, trusts or donation platforms in which the entrepreneurs give 3%-10% of their annual income to a vulnerable population of their choice.

Our Clients

Our Clients Call Marie Management to Avoid Business Crisis

Our entrepreneurs also contact us when they have a problem that is out of their scope or expertise. We analyze and problem solve the issue for our entrepreneurs in this instance; provide solutions, recommend resources and work around the clock to end the problem before it is too late.

We ease the mind of these entrepreneurs with our presence 1st and our expertise 2nd. Our entrepreneurs know that our strategy always includes research, structure, development, operations and execution. Therefore, seeing things through to completion is what they are looking for when their business is experiencing a crisis. Learn More!

Our Clients Call Marie Management Before Scaling or Adding a Venture

Our clients call us right before the implementation of a new business, venture or idea to make sure it is done right the first time in the areas of structure, development, operations and execution. Entrepreneurs do not have time to go back and correct things, lose money or traction in company growth because we failed to hire expert help. Our entrepreneurs invest in expert help to keep from business heartache later. Learn More!

  • 80% of our clients are men while 20% are women or LGBTQ
  • 60% of our clients live and work within the United States while 40% are international
  • 10% of our clients are startups, 30% small businesses, 40% medium sized & 20% enterprise entrepreneurs
“Our clients understand that long term profit includes philanthropy.”
Our Principal Consultant

Ways We Give Back

The Jazzmine Marie Nolan Foundation is a 501c(3) organization established in 2007 serving youth ages 8-25 in the capacities of performing arts, entrepreneurship, scholarship and mentoring.

Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols has independently served more than 1,000 youth in 8+ school districts and 12 communities in St. Louis, MO investing over $350,000.

She relates to and identifies with unaccompanied 1st generation youth as she chartered this path independent of all natural support systems. Therefore she is beyond passionate about the development of today’s youth as they become tomorrow’s leaders in-spite of their circumstances.

The Need

20% of youth and young adults ages 13-25 are 1st Generation Everything's in their immediate families. Which turns out to be 1:7 youth. They are required to raise themselves on a journey to break generational curses and live beyond the stereotypes plagued by poverty & oppression.

The Vision

To intentionally invest in 1st Generation Youth in the areas of entrepreneurship, academia and life skills as it relates to personal and professional development.

The Mission

The Jazzmine Marie Nolan Foundation provides support, guidance and financial investment for 1st Generation Everything's that are living without parents, guardians, government or natural support systems in major metropolitan Midwest cities:

  • St. Louis, MO
  • Chicago, IL
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Detroit, Michigan


  • Youth Entrepreneur Investments: Every year we conduct an event for youth entrepreneurs ages 10-18 in order to surround them with the professional services their businesses need and an initial investment into their companies. Learn More!
  • 1st Generation Youth Investments: Every year we sponsor housing stipends, pageant scholarships and academic scholarships for 1st Generation Youth both K-12 and collegiate. Learn More!
  • Performing Arts After School Program Investment: Every year we invest in step team programs that give otherwise silenced youth a voice on stage. Learn More!
  • Motherless Daughters Community Investment: We manage and oversee a program specifically for motherless daughters nationally. Learn More! 

Join the Team!

We train, develop and hire directly from our intern pool. High School, Undergraduate and Graduate Level students with interests in business, library science, data science, economics, urban planning, public administration and information technology are welcome to apply to an of the positions below:

Professional Services High School Intern Program

High School Freshman are encouraged to participate in the internship program after successful completion of 25 community service hours. Students will complete an 8 Month Internship with 30 day tracks in administration, sales, marketing, advertising, bookkeeping, system development, customer service and project management.

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Analyst Undergraduate Intern Program

College Freshmen are encouraged to participate in the internship program after successful completion of a high school diploma. Students will complete an 8 Month Internship with a 4 month track in research analysis and a 4 month track in business analysis.

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Management Consultant Graduate Intern Program

First Year Graduate Students are encouraged to participate in the internship program after successful completion of an undergraduate degree. Students will complete an 8 Month Internship with a 4 month track in nonprofit consulting and a 4 month track in for-profit consulting.

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Partner Fellowship

Business Professionals with 10+ years experience consulting, leading, operating and managing company projects are encouraged to apply for the Marie Management partner fellowship program. This 2 year fellowship trains and develops business professionals in preparation for managing partnership within the following areas: organizational structure, business operations, strategic planning, financial forecasting, performance measuring, account and talent management.

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