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Transportation & Warehousing Case Study

Marie Management has helped 6 beauty transportation and logistics entrepreneurs with for-profit companies  across 4 states with operational systems and strategies that resulted in 30% of the companies new earnings from scaling to philanthropic arms of their own through building a corporate responsibility program, nonprofit, NGO or trust with us.

Transportation & Warehousing Problems

Problem #1 Budgeting for Overhead Expenses: Entrepreneurs in the transportation and logistics industry do not spend time on financial management beyond contracts, factoring and limited payroll. Therefore things like gas, business credit, business expenses, administration staff fees, maintenance, fleet acquisition, professional services, software, compliance etc. are not expenses they account for and often leave them breaking even or worse month after month.  

Problem #2 Training Drivers: Entrepreneurs learned quickly that driving themselves kept them from handling the business of the company effectively, efficiently and on time according to their contracts. They also learned quickly that a CDL or years of experience driving for employees was not enough of an evaluation or basis for hiring.

Problem #3  Business Development: Entrepreneurs believe that in this industry it's only necessary to have trucks, parking space and drivers to operate a transportation and logistics business. These entrepreneurs found out quickly by working with us that business development is also important in this industry to cover aspects of financial management, business network, training and development for all staff not just drivers and operating systems that include all functions of the company if they wanted to keep a stellar reputation.

  • Trucking companies built internal capacity, structure, and operations systems for fleets of 3-24 trucks while providing equity to contracted drivers.
  • Courier Company built internal capacity, structure, and operations systems for B2B contracts while scaling into multiple markets.  
  • Tow Companies built internal capacity, structure, and operations systems while concentrating on B2C relationship marketing from a B2B approach.
  • Supply Chain companies streamlined operational practices that increased KPI’s and effective delivery per contract while donating to high school manufacturing programs.

Identify the Ways Marie Management Can Solve Your Problems As a Transportation & Warehousing Business Entrepreneur

After an initial assessment, audit, strategic plan development and consulting all inefficient processes, existing technology systems and operating management systems required solutions in the following areas:

  • Poor Traffic Predictions
  • Cost of Fuel
  • Poor Weather Predictions
  • The Cost of Fleet Maintenance
  • A Lack of Skilled Drivers
  • Poor Routing Strategies

Transportation & Warehousing Industry Businesses scale to invest their profits in programs that provide services to vulnerable populations.

With these implemented solutions our Beauty and Wellness Industry companies become equipped to scale in order to implement their philanthropic arms with the following new operations and management processes in the following places:

  • Human Resources Systems
  • Training and Development Programs
  • Management Protocols
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Project Management  
  • Customer Relations Management Systems
  • POS Systems
  • Financial Management System
  • Marketing & Advertising System
  • Communication System
  • Referral Management

Upon completion of streamlining and scaling the for-profit, Marie Management consultants began to build the philanthropic arm of the entrepreneurs choice (nonprofit, non-governmental organization, philanthropic arm, corporate responsibility program, private foundation, association or trust) with the following steps:

Step 1: Organizational Structure Development  

Step 2: Board & Business Network Development

Step 3: Committee Development

Step 4: Program Development

Step 5: Strategic Planning & Logic Model Development

Step 6: Fund Development

Step 7: Outreach Strategy & Development

Step 8: Department Development

Step 9: Operational Systems

Step 10: Marketing, Advertising & Sales Systems

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