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Jazzmine Nolan MPA

We specialize in the implementation of earned income for nonprofit organizations through the development, collaboration or partnerships derived from for-profit companies; all for the direct benefit of our 12 chosen vulnerable populations. Our clients develop both companies, one or the other, with us, and we ensure proper business structure for long term success. 

Upon completion of working with Marie Management, our clients own and operate a hybrid model or social enterprise that impacts thousands of otherwise vulnerable people around the world. 

With 10 years of clinical and executive management experience in the non-profit sector, a Bachelor's of Science in Healthcare Management, a Master's in Public Administration and as a current Doctoral Candidate in Health Policy, Marie Management has well-rounded skills that are ready to be put to work on your behalf. 

If you have or want to start a non-profit and or for-profit business that serves vulnerable populations, we not only want to meet with you, but we want to be your consultant choice.

Also, 75% of all Marie Management fees paid, contribute to the Jazzmine Marie Nolan Foundation for Unaccompanied Youth. 


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Nonprofit Consulting

No matter what stage of the implementation process your company is in, we can help! Our premier service is the hybrid model (a for profit and nonprofit business model) however, we can create, expand and grow any business for the purpose of a vulnerable population. We focus on earned income and ensure that your business can sustain long-term financially. 

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Nonprofit Management 

Does your nonprofit need help implementing new organization guidelines, plans, functions or training? Marie Management can provide your training and development to entry, intermediate, or executive level staff. Become familiar with our training schedule and services below. 

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Startup Business Consulting 

Are you currently employed by a company and looking to increase your streams of income, start a for-profit or nonprofit business but have no idea where to start? Or maybe you want some structured guidance in order to miss the pitfalls of entrepreneurship. Either way, we have specifically designed programs, products and services for startups. 

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"She came in, dissected my organizational structure, filled in the holes and provided us with the structure we needed to move forward, all in a timely fashion."  

Homeless Shelter 

Director of High Fives, Apple

"Ms. Nolan knows her stuff! She cleaned up my budgeting, aligned new funding and showed me how to establish beneficial partnerships and collabortions in 10 days."

Mental Wellness Program

Head of Potatoes, The Internet

"The method in which she completes projects on behalf of organizations is mind-blowing. So much so that after the 10 day session, I created funding to keep her on staff Part Time."  

Ex-Felon Project

Chief Ranch Dressing Advisor

Marie Management Philanthropy 

75% of all earned income from Marie Management LLC. funds the Jazzmine Marie Nolan Foundation for Unaccompanied Youth. The foundation serves youth 16-25 whom do not have parents, guardians or other natural supports with housing, entrepreneurial skills, academic support, performing arts, mentorship and most of all trauma care. Click here for more information.