Struggles of Hybrid Models

The Struggles of Hybrid Models reside in the systems, processes, policies and procedures that impact hour-to-hour, day-to-day, month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year operations.

In order to lessen the bottlenecking only a hybrid model can face is by streamlining the cross-functional systems to be applicable to all companies within the business structure.

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How Do I Overcome Struggles In a Hybrid Model?

Solving Hybrid Model Struggles Introduction

Hybrid Model Struggles
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Why Are Companies Converting to Hybrid Models?

Companies are primarily converting to hybrid models because the economy, entrepreneur ecosystem and the future of corporate capital calls for it to remain sustainable. Beyond giving back to the community, ignoring external human capital is just as bad as ignoring internal human capital when you are scaling a business.  

Companies find themselves disconnected from the very people, places and things that make them revenue year after year. This results in companies not being able to compete in their industry, market, region or even country with businesses that prioritize it as a way to leverage.

What Are The Deciding Factors of Becoming a Hybrid Model?

Strategic Planning For a Hybrid Model requires expert attention to detail in developing, streamlining and integrating cross-functional systems. Hybrid Models require similar but separate structures for not just the for-profit and philanthropic activities, but for each department, role and operational function. Developing a hybrid model requires more time than a singular for-profit or non-profit because one missed detail or overlooked process can cause great stress to the bottom line of the business model. Therefore, Marie Management takes this on for entrepreneurs in order for them to truly benefit from the reality of owning and operating a hybrid model.  

Hybrid Model Conversion Process  
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Want to Learn More About Hybrid Models?

About Marie Management

Marie Management began operations consulting and managing entrepreneur hybrid models in 2016 with 3 real estate investor companies behind the Founder & Principal Consultant Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols. Now we are servicing 400+ companies in 16+ industries, 8 U.S cities and 3 countries. We strengthen, streamline and scale our clients’ business models in ways they may be overlooking. We believe that by investing in our communities we are directly impacting the bottom line of the next generation’s business ecosystem. By strengthening the for-profit operations of our clients first, we make room for them to explore philanthropy successfully.

Scaling the for-profits of entrepreneurs with philanthropy.

Startup Entrepreneurs ready to set up their companies can get started here. Small Businesses ready to strengthen their for-profit companies for success can get started here. Medium Sized Businesses ready to scale their companies with philanthropy can get started here. Enterprise Entrepreneurs ready to scale their companies with philanthropy can get started here. Entrepreneurs who want to learn more about how our sister companies can help scale and grow their business can learn more here.

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