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Staffing Minority Owned Businesses With Their Executive & Managerial Personnel.

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Minority Entrepreneurs and Business Owners now have a partner in surrounding their business with the professionals they need to grow by onboarding:

  • Co-Founders
  • Advisors, Investors & Board Members
  • Professional Staff, Directors and Managers
  • Professional Services Contractors
What We Found
  • We recognized that Minority entrepreneurs and business owners do not hire professional services companies because they are not aware of what they need them for.
  • We found that influencer platforms are taking advantage of small and medium sized businesses through the name of professional services for profits not impact.
  • We found that Minority Owned Businesses do not have the internal infrastructure to hire and retain professionals for services such as accounting, legal, management, consulting, marketing, advertising, public relations, information technology, customer services, human resources, compliance, risk management etc.
  • We found that minority owned businesses do not have company structures that include adequate oversight and governance to include investors, Co-Founders, advisors or board members. Operating without these key players hinders any business from its ability to scale and grow beyond the owner/founder's capacity.
The Facts
  • 80% of Minority Owned Businesses Are Sole-Proprietorships
  • 11% of Minority Owned Businesses Have Employees
  • 70% of Minority Owned Businesses Operate Without Professional Services
Looking to hire professional staff within your business?
Do you need to locate a Co-Founder, Advisors, Board Members or Investors in order to Grow?
Trying to identify the best professional services contractors to meet your business needs?
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Our Solutions


Our recruiting team will thoroughly assess a pool of eligible candidates for your requested roles based on a 12 Point Needs Assessment System.


Our recruiting team will evaluate all potential candidates for your requested roles with a 12 Point Qualifying Score Card System.


Our recruiting team will complete the search for talent, treasure and ability within several professional networks in order to meet your company's needs.


Our recruiting team will complete the onboarding process for all professionals accepted by your company after our recruitment, assessment and evaluation.

Training & Development

Our recruiting team will complete a training and development process for all professionals recruited regarding culture, skills, tasks, role, software responsibilities etc

We will assess, evaluate, recruit, onboard,
train and develop your new:
  • Investors
  • Advisors
  • Board Members
  • Co-Founders
  • C-Suite Staff
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Outsourced Professional Services Contractors
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