Black & Brown Brokerage

Buying & Selling Minority Owned Businesses;
Not Just The Real Estate.

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Minority Entrepreneurs and Business Owners now have a partner in buying and selling their business in order to:

  • Maintain Their Legacy
  • Continue Their Business Beyond Their Ability To Operate It
  • Exit Their Business Without Hardship or Because of Crisis
What We Found
  • We recognized that black owned businesses were being sold from up under the entrepreneur and families that led them for 20+ years around the globe. Then we took a closer look and found that the businesses themselves were never for sale, only the real estate.
  • Selling the real estate separate from the business not only hurts the life cycle of wealth in minority communities but automatically removes the legacy of those entrepreneurs.
  • In order to combat the problem, Black & Brown Brokerage is buying and selling black owned businesses.
The Facts
  • 50% of all businesses are minority owned as of 2021
  • 70% of minority owned businesses close their doors at the sign of hard times never to sell
  • 4% of Minority Owned Businesses Have a Documented Exit Plan
  • 2% of Minorities Enter Business By Acquiring an Existing Business
Selling a minority owned business?
Buying a minority owned business?
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Our Solutions

Acquisitions and Mergers

Our acquisitions team works alongside you during the time of merging brands and or adding a new company to your portfolio.

Exit Planning

Our consulting team works alongside you to strategically determine the most beneficial way to transition out of your business.

Business & Real Estate Value Assessment

Our equity team works alongside you to assess and evaluate the value of your existing business and real estate in order to prepare it for sale or purchase.

Business & Real Estate Purchasing

Our acquisitions team works alongside entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to buy companies in industries they desire to enter.

Business & Real Estate Selling

Our equity team works alongside entrepreneurs and business owners with a desire to sell their business as an exit strategy.

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