Hybrid Model Business Operations

Business Operations refer to the daily activities a company engages in to increase value and profit. These activities are streamlined and optimized to generate revenue that cover expenses and earn profits for business stakeholders and shareholders. At Marie Management we convert those new profits into philanthropic activities that contribute to the increase of external human capital which results in higher return on investment.

Business Operations differ across most industries and sectors, but for the most part certain operational components remain the same such as: accounting, legal, marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, customer service and management.

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How Do Hybrid Model Operations Differ?

Hybrid Model Operations require double the front end and back end operations as that of singular business structure because it's seemingly running two or more companies. The systems and processes must be strong enough to operate from an automated, consistent and clear perspective for double the human and technological value. In order for a hybrid model to increase its revenue performance, operations must take priority daily.

Hybrid Model Operations
  • Startup Hybrid Model Operations Implementation comes from understanding and planning to implement system needs, process needs, professional staff needs, management needs, customer demands, company demands, equipment needs, material needs and inventory needs.
  • Small Business Hybrid Models Operations Measurement comes from the implementation of front end automations, back end automations, quality of work processes, key performance indicators, data output activities, system evaluations systems and forecasted strategic planning.    
  • Medium Sized Business Hybrid Model Operations Sustainability comes from assessing and evaluating the process of customer success, human resources, training and development, executive team performance, stakeholders performance, board member performance, advisory performance, investor performance, financial management results, logistics effectiveness and forecasted strategic planning.  
  • Enterprise Business Hybrid Model Operations Stability comes from finding out where we are unstable within our operations by auditing the evaluations of all departments, processes, procedures and systems. Implement long term solutions and management organizational change in order to ensure regular stability across the organization in the problem areas found.
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Hybrid Model Infrastructures

What is Business Infrastructure?

Business infrastructure is defined as all of the basic physical systems and processes involved in producing a program, product, good or service.  

How Does Hybrid Model Infrastructure Differ?

Hybrid Model Infrastructure differs because you’re not just implementing it once, but you’re implementing it twice. Implementing systems across two businesses in two different yet complimenting sectors pose a complex set of challenges unlike any other business structure. Most leaders and executives get burnt out with just the thought of making a hybrid model work, which is the primary reason for the creation of Marie Management.    

Where Do I Establish My Hybrid Model Infrastructure?

Strategic Planning For a Hybrid Model requires expert attention to detail in developing, streamlining and integrating cross-functional systems. Hybrid Models require similar but separate structures for not just the for-profit and philanthropic activities, but for each department, role and operational function. Developing a hybrid model requires more time than a singular for-profit or non-profit because one missed detail or overlooked process can cause great stress to the bottom line of the business model. Therefore, Marie Management takes this on for entrepreneurs in order for them to truly benefit from the reality of owning and operating a hybrid model.

Hybrid Model Infrastructure
  • Startup Hybrid Model Infrastructure requires complete and total knowledge including investment in the understanding plus necessity of business design + business process. Startups have to learn that a business can not function without infrastructure, how their business will suffer long term negative consequences without it, the permanent effects on their revenue, how it connects to their markets to the business, how it connects their employees and contractors to their work, and how a business must implement how it develops, maintains and repairs its own infrastructure over the life of the business. Without first understanding these things, the short term and long term result of not having business infrastructure result in financial ruin and closure of the company.        
  • Small Business Hybrid Model Infrastructure requires a complete assessment, analysis, evaluation and implementation of human capital, process, operational tools, manageable and profitable growth, replicable systems, formulated operations and cross-functional consistency across departments. Small Businesses without one of these infrastructure concepts implemented and in place will face the negative consequences of financial ruin and closure of the company.  
  • Medium Sized Business Hybrid Model Infrastructure requires a quarterly and annual assessment, analysis and evaluation of job tasks, organizational design & leadership, documented management, department planning, operational process, standard operating procedures and operational manuals. Medium Sized Hybrid Models without regular investment into their infrastructure will face the negative consequences of financial ruin and closure of the company.  
  • Enterprise Business Hybrid Model Infrastructure requires detail-oriented duplication of the hard and soft infrastructure systems already working to be implemented into new ventures and departments seamlessly. Hard Infrastructure related to, but not limited to, equipment, assets and facilities. Whereas soft infrastructure relates to, but not limited to, job roles that directly affect infrastructure, daily person-to-person-operations, internal human capital and external human capital. Enterprise Sized Hybrid Models without a detail oriented duplication of their infrastructure across new ventures or departments run the risk of not only bottlenecking financially but slowing down long term scalability.
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About Marie Management

Marie Management began operations consulting and managing entrepreneur hybrid models in 2016 with 3 real estate investor companies behind the Founder & Principal Consultant Dr. Jazzmine Nolan-Echols. Now we are servicing 400+ companies in 16+ industries, 8 U.S cities and 3 countries. We strengthen, streamline and scale our clients’ business models in ways they may be overlooking. We believe that by investing in our communities we are directly impacting the bottom line of the next generation’s business ecosystem. By strengthening the for-profit operations of our clients first, we make room for them to explore philanthropy successfully.

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