Dr. Jazzmine Marie Nolan-Echols, DBA

Principal Consultant


Dr. Jazzmine Marie Nolan-Echols is a North St. Louis, MO native. She is best known for her no nonsense and zero tolerance accountability + tough love approach and grit style work ethic. She is an entrepreneur in all regards in both the for-profit and nonprofit spaces. She founded and led a self-titled nonprofit since the age of 18 that provides mentorship, step team coaching, scholarships while investing in the entrepreneurial endeavors and basic needs of 1st Generation youth since 2007. 

Simultaneously, she spent 10 years at the executive management level for other nonprofit organizations leading the charge in wrap-around services for the most vulnerable populations in the world to include veterans, domestic violence victims and the mentally ill. 

In 2016, she established and built an operations consulting firm called Marie Management where she scaled real invest investing firms with charitable partnerships. Marie Management was designed to build corporate responsibility programs, community initiatives, trusts, nonprofits and non-government organizations for entrepreneurs after scaling their existing for-profit companies into hybrid models both nationally and internationally. 

As a result of managing and building more than 400 companies with a total portfolio of $85M in total BIPOC business revenue and $10M into charitable activities for vulnerable populations, she learned that the gap between people in business vs. those actually doing business was massive. Therefore, she built The Coin Culture, 314 Venture Capital, Off by 5, Minority Business Capital, Black & Brown Brokerage, to name a few, in order to transfer more self-employed professionals and business owners to entrepreneurs based on where they were in 2020.  

Outside of her business endeavors, Dr. Jazzmine Marie Nolan-Echols serves on several nonprofit boards of directors and committees with missions pertaining to youth, elderly, homelessness and community development. She has served as the primary consultant on advisory boards for for-profit companies throughout the U.S related to businesses preparing for scaling or regaining traction from a failed scaling attempt. In her spare time she writes personal development and business development books where all proceeds earned are directly invested into the JMN Foundation. 

She is a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated, several professional development associations and organizations as well as leadership and honor societies. Dr. Jazzmine Marie Nolan-Echols a remembered graduate of St. Louis Public Schools by way of Clyde C. Miller Career Academy, a proud graduate of Harris Stowe State University with a Bachelors in Business Management, Lindenwood University with a Masters in Public Administration and NorthCentral University with a Doctorate in Business Administration. 

Given her charge to end generational curses not just for her family but for entire communities, she takes exceptional care of everyone around her by setting the bar and requiring them to “Get It Done, By All Means Necessary!” 

Dr. Jazzmine Marie Nolan-Echols, DBA

Ph: 1-866-4UiWill


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