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Dallas, TX Business Consulting

Build It Right The First Time! Our clients get to build their businesses internal workings, processes, policies and procedures, operations, company departments and so much more with experienced leadership for support. We start all engagements with thorough business consulting resulting in assessments, evaluations and strategic plans backed by research and best practices. Marie Management leads the implementation team of all recommended activities necessary for our clients to sustain and scale.

Dallas, TX Operations Management

Increase Company Reach & Effective Day-To-Day Operations! Eliminating the dead end approaches to customers, sponsors, partnerships, collaborations and sales by implementing strategic B2B, B2C and B2G operating systems. While increasing the company's reach, the business is prepared for our hybrid model scaling approach. Our clients value the benchmark process we use to scale their businesses over a period of time vs. growing too fast and ending in the company closing. Entrepreneurs love the fact that we are able to scale two or more companies simultaneously.

What Are The Problems and Struggles Dallas, TX Companies Face?

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About Marie Management

Marie Management began operations consulting and managing entrepreneur hybrid models in 2016 with 3 real estate investor companies behind the Founder & Principal Consultant Dr. Jazzmine Marie Nolan-Echols. Now we are servicing 400+ companies in 16+ industries, 8 U.S cities and 3 countries. We strengthen, streamline and scale our clients’ business models in ways they may be overlooking. We believe that by investing in our communities we are directly impacting the bottom line of the next generation’s business ecosystem. By strengthening the for-profit operations of our clients first, we make room for them to explore philanthropy successfully.

Scaling the for-profits of Dallas, TX entrepreneurs with philanthropy.

How to Get Operations Business Consulting & Management in Dallas, TX

Startup Entrepreneurs ready to set up their companies can get started here. Small Businesses ready to strengthen their for-profit companies for success can get started here. Medium Sized Businesses ready to scale their companies with philanthropy can get started here. Enterprise Entrepreneurs ready to scale their companies with philanthropy can get started here. Entrepreneurs who want to learn more about how our sister companies can help scale and grow their business can learn more here.

Examples of Our Work
  • We helped a therapist scale her private practice and nonprofit organization by structuring all of their existing processes, streamlining their existing operations, positioning the companies in front of advanced markets and developing a competitive pricing structure.    
  • We helped a real estate investor build a commercial shared work space for nonprofit organizations that doubled as transitional housing for homeless youth. Connecting with healthcare companies, the project was able to meet the needs of the entire community.  
  • We helped a real estate investor turn their multi-family residential properties into rentals for criminal justice involved individuals. This project enabled the investor to partner with nonprofit organizations with a direct need for this vulnerable population.    
  • We helped a project management group add an entire nonprofit organization to their business model that would provide scholarships to 25 low-income women seeking their PMP certification annually.
  • We helped a series of therapy practices streamline their operations in order to offer better customer service, automate their front and back office systems, while developing internal functions that permit them more time to earn more revenue.
  • We helped a physician private practice streamline their operations with new technology that permitted them time to sell their existing company in order to purchase an international clinic that meets global medical needs.
  • We helped a carpet cleaning business automate their financial management system, update their CRM system and streamline their marketing in which all additional proceeds were used to increase their advertising budget to reach commercial customers.  
  • We helped a real estate agent develop a brand that sold her services, residential and commercial properties for her. We increased the company's technology usage, CRM system usage, marketing, advertising, outreach, positioning and processing of more monthly clients.
  • We helped a freelancer turn her marketing, advertising, communications and public relations skills into a full consulting firm. Now her services, offerings, programs and products are offered to leading nonprofit organizations in need of strategy in her field.  
  • We helped a series of nurses build their own home healthcare agency wit diverse entry points, enterprise models and various services offered to their niche customers that separates them from their competition.
  • We helped an executive turn two decades of experience into his very own nonprofit organization. After designing the entire nonprofit, it can now provide services to its audience with direct strategy on a thoroughly designed foundation.
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