Strategy Sessions

Entrepreneurs will engage in the following during strategy sessions with consultants.

The majority of entrepreneurs that opt to schedule strategy sessions over entering consulting relationships simply want an immediate documented solution to their problems. You simply want the guided blueprint without the gray area so you can take immediate action in redirecting yourself towards the solution or the businesses they own/operate.

Reasons why entrepreneurs book a strategy session:

  • Entrepreneurs that do not have the time or budget to invest in long term solutions by way of Marie Management startup, small business, medium sized business or enterprise consulting relationships are encouraged to schedule a 2 Hour strategy session to solve their immediate problems to move forward.
  • Entrepreneurs that have a business decision deadline quickly approaching in which they need to design a strategic approach to the problem that ensures maximum results for everyone involved without mistakes are encouraged to schedule the 5-10 strategy sessions option.
  • Entrepreneurs working through a complex set of complicated problems with no direction, guidance or accountability associated with fixing things before they become massive financial, legal or operational burdens are encouraged to select the 15 strategy sessions option to individually navigate and solve every issue.

Areas To Concentrate On During A Strategy Session


Entrepreneurs strategize the steps, tasks and means for implementing everything necessary to structure their companies for success. The strategy will be clear for entrepreneurs to follow.

  • Business Registration
  • Licensing
  • Industry Entry Barriers
  • Accounting | Legal Teams

Entrepreneurs strategize the cross functions landscape of their business across departments, systems and strategies to solve department problems efficiently.

  • Company Processes
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Packages
  • Fee Schedules etc.

Entrepreneurs strategize the solutions behind daily day-to-day flow of their companies by problem solving areas of concerns. Together the consultant and the entrepreneur visualize the A-Z operations.

  • Systems
  • Automations
  • Information Technology
  • Scheduling etc.

Entrepreneurs strategize the steps necessary to execute all lingering or unfinished practices on behalf of the business in order to efficiently communicate the business within its industry.

  • Community Engagement
  • Marketing | Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Communication etc.
What Should I Expect During The Strategy Session?
  • To walk through your problem from beginning to end transparently with no detail unaddressed. Expect direct solutions, directions and guidance for the problems you present. Expect to be advised with entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity at the forefront. 
  • To be informed of any and all mistakes, shortcoming, blind spots and errors made related to the problem presented and to navigate all solutions skills you may or may not have yourself to implement right away. 
  • To learn what you may have to unlearn in order to maintain the solution over time and prevent the problem or similar ones from occurring again. 
What do I do after the strategy session?
  • You will be sent a strategic plan within 72 hours of your session for you to implement step by step towards the solution for your problem or problems independently or with the recommended professional services. 
  • You are to meet with your team, delegate the tasks accordingly and track completion plus implementation of the solution with a designated deadline.
  • You are to schedule a follow up strategy session with Marie Management consultants in the event that you or your team can not independently implement the solutions on your behalf or that of the businesses. 

One 2 Hour Strategy Session

Start a Strategy

Five 90 Minute Strategy Sessions

Start a Strategy

Ten 90 Minute Strategy Sessions

Start a Strategy

Fifteen 90 Minute Strategy Sessions

Start a Strategy
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